The California Emergency Services Association (CESA) is pleased to announce our newly established Emergency Management Mentoring Program (EMMP). Individuals working in the Emergency Management profession often find that they are a rare commodity in their own agencies. Many Emergency Managers often find their agencies do not have adequate resources, training or skilled personnel available to help newcomers progress quickly to becoming trained and proficient at what they need to do.



The Emergency Management mentoring program is designed to get you “in the know” sooner… by making peer to peer connections earlier in one’s career. We will help to pair up newcomers (Mentees) with seasoned professionals (Mentors). The Mentor will volunteer their time to communicate via email, telephone, web-based resources etc. and provide the much needed advice to help Mentees on their way to being able to support or effectively manage well rounded local Emergency Management programs.


Mentee Eligibility Requirement

This program is open to individuals who fit the following criteria:


  • CESA Membership Required (new and existing members may participate).

  • Must be current student, intern, volunteer in an EM related field, and/or employed in the EM field.


Program participation will run approximately 9 months.




Mentor Eligibility Requirements
CESA Membership is required (must have been a member for at least 1 year to be considered, confirmation via CESA member database).
Selection of Mentors will be conducted by the committee or designees. Preference is given to those applicants with one or more of the following criteria:
  • Certified Emergency Manager
  • Board Member of CESA or other recognized Emergency Management Association
  • Satisfactory CESA Committee Chair Experience
  • University Level Instructor
  • EM Training Series Instructors
  • CESA Conference / Symposium Instructors
  • Members who have demonstrated their knowledge, skills and abilities in various training and can provide a written recommendation from a member meeting one of the above listed criteria.

A Mentor may choose to be assigned to multiple mentees.

Each pairing will run approximately 9 months.